Madhavbaug Diet in CAD(Coronary Artery Disease)

Blockages in heart, that is coronary artery disease is a fatal disease with its origin in faulty lifestyle. Diet contributes to 70% of our lifestyle. Correcting diet can help reverse the cholesterol disturbances and blockages in the coronary artery of the heart. In this course, you will learn the principles of diet therapy as well […]

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High LDL Cholesterol was always considered as Bad & HDL Cholesterol was considered as Good Cholesterol. But no one has ever wondered, what wrong has LDL Cholesterol done? It is not the Cholesterol, but it is the Oxidation process of LDL which is the culprit. Inflammatory Food is the cause of Oxidation. Hence the concept of ORAC Value came into existence. Madhavbaug has prepared Reverse Diet Box with food stuffs having maximum ORAC Value which help in Reversing Blockages. After this Reverse Diet Box role is over, Madhavshakti Atta & Sanrise Breakfast Kit provides fantastic maintenance of Health. In this course Learners will come across concepts of Reverse Cholesterol Transport, Reverse Diet Box, Madhavshakti Atta & Sanrise Breakfast Kit.

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