Madhavbaug Diet in Diabetes

Prameha diet kit is a specialized diet kit for type 2 diabetes patients. Prameha diet helps in quick glycemic control, reducing insulin resistance and improving the BMI. In this course, you will learn the basic principals of diet in diabetes and how to use the Prameha diet kit you your diabetic patients.

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Reducing Fat reduces HbA1c levels, is the research which proves that, in Diabetes only controlling Blood Sugar does not help. We need to reduce BMI of the patient, to Reverse his Diabetes specifically Type 2 DM. Based on the concept of 800 kcal/day, Madhavbaug has prepared Prameha Diet Box which is a result oriented Diet Therapy for patients suffering from Type 2 DM. After this Prameha Diet Box role is over, Madhavshakti Atta & Sanrise Breakfast Kit provides fantastic maintenance of Health. Stevia – Zero calorie sweetener also plays a major role in Reversal of Diabetes. In this course Learners will come across concepts of 800 kcal/day Diet, Prameha Diet Box, Madhavshakti Atta, Sanrise Breakfast Kit & Stevia.

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