Madhavbaug Obesity Reversal

This course entails the risks associated with weight gain, its morbidities, pathophysiology and its principles of management.

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Obesity as the word tells is High BMI which is caused due to Positive Calorie Balance in the body due to over intake of Calories & very less Calorie expenditure due to low or no physical activity. Obesity is one of the major reasons for Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism & Heart Diseases. Hence if Obesity is reversed, all the above said Lifestyle disorders can also be taken care of. Concept of Madhavbaug Obesity Reversal includes Effective Medicines, Panchakarma, Stress Management, Lifestyle modification & Swasthyam Diet Box which has 800 kcal/ day concept. These aspects in totality work in reducing the BMI of Obese patient & bring it to Normal BMI of 23, thereby reducing the Risk of further complications of Obesity. In this course Learners will come across concepts of Leptin or Satiety Hormone, Swasthyam Diet Box, Madhavshakti Atta & Sanrise Breakfast Kit.

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