Madhavbaug Knowledge Treasure Box

Madhavbaug has always been a Knowledge Centre for all Enthusiastic BAMS Doctors, who join Madhavbaug with a Vision to make Ayurved the 1st Line of treatment & to establish their Carrier. Reversing Diseases like CHF, IHD, DM, HTN, Obesity & Hypothyroidism is the core of Madhavbaug Treatment.

Extensive Research is the Backbone of Madhavbaug & all Treatment Protocols, Diet Regimen & Potent Medicines are based on this Research. As a Doctor of Madhavbaug, you need to have a thorough Medical Knowledge & should know all minute points of all Diseases.

This Master Course called as Madhavbaug Knowledge Treasure Box which has 22 Courses is been designed for all Dedicated & Hardworking Doctors of Madhavbaug.

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